Professional window cleaning

Washing windows is one of the very difficult tasks of cleaning a room (apartment or office, or maybe a store). Dirty windows can absolutely spoil the impression of a well-kept and clean apartment.

Window cleaning in our company is carried out using professional cleaning products and equipment. We can easily cope with window washing in an ordinary office or apartment, as well as in a multi-story building (where services of towers of any height are required). The cost of washing windows depends on the following factors, such as window size, number of sections, presence of a tower, and also the type of service: there is seasonal window washing, general washing, and also after repair or construction work.

Our professionals use the necessary equipment to access hard-to-reach places. They all took safety training courses and are fully knowledgeable in the use of modern window cleaning products in privatized houses, apartments and offices inexpensively.

We do not offer to assign work to random assistants. Accuracy is the very necessary attribute in cleaning, which according to your carelessness can play a bad joke with you. You will not be able to identify scratches, cracks, stains immediately, when it will be difficult for a grief professional to bring to justice. It is very important to trust the cleanliness of the windows to actually experienced companies providing cleaning services for cleaning exhibition halls, office premises, etc.

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